For businesses, schools or universities wishing to develop a more well-rounded health and fitness offering to their employees and students. I have varying packages available offering weekly live online sessions via the company's own video conferencing platform. This enables anyone working from home, out of office or abroad to workout, move and strengthen in their own space with minimal to no equipment. 



There are several options to choose from depending on the majority of peoples' time available and what they feel like doing that day.


  • 1 hour full body workout for all abilities starting with a mobility warm up before a full body circuit and finishing with a relaxing stretch. 


  • 30 minute mobility/core/stretch. A short but effective way to move and release the day to day sedentary office worker tensions.

  • Anything else that may be requested I am happy to discuss. Please contact me directly.


All exercises are body weight focused. However, if anyone has their own equipment I will happily adapt any session to what they have available allowing any exercise we do to be made easier or harder depending on what they have. For example weights, resistance bands, chairs/sofas, balls etc.

For pricing and any further information please contact me directly.