Who is Faye Sanders Fitness for?


I work with anyone from absolute beginners to experienced gym-goers and athletes. If you are looking for weight loss, to get more active, muscle gain (hypertrophy), improved sport performance and/or nutrition advice and education then Faye Sanders Fitness is for you.


How do I know if you are right for me?


I offer a FREE initial phone consultation to discuss your goals, current fitness levels and previous experience, medical history or current conditions etc. I get to know you and you get to know me.

Where are you based?


I am currently based in Paris in the 15th arrondissement for any 1:1 individual or group sessions. However, with my online training you can benefit from my coaching expertise worldwide and 24/7 (see below for more FAQ's on online training and online nutrition coaching).


What level of fitness do I need to have? What if I am an absolute beginner?


No problem! I love training beginners as it is such a great journey and so rewarding to achieve things you have never done before. Beginners get the most gains and the most rewards! :) I work entirely at your own pace and I would never push anyone beyond their limits.



What do I need to bring?


Bring water, any snacks you may want during or after (e.g. banana, yummy bar, protein shake etc) and weather appropriate clothes. It’s always a good idea to bring a dry top/jersey with you in case you get hot and sweaty in our workout but it’s a bit chilly on the walk home or to work. I provide all the equipment but if you have any equipment of your own that you would like to use or learn to use then absolutely bring it along!


Where do we train?


I train mainly outdoors as it gets you out into the fresh air and tops up your vitamin D. There is much more variety and challenge outdoors and it’s never boring or intimidating. My primary locations are Parc Monceau, Place des Vosges, Champ de Mars, Jardin du Luxembourg and Place de Breteuil near Invalides. For small groups I can train in office spaces, hotels or a suitable room where appropriate and possible.


How long is the session?


Every session is 1 hour. This can be completely a workout or can include discussions about your lifestyle and nutrition which are equally as important as getting a sweat on to reach your goals - whatever they may be. For more in-depth coaching I offer the online training package so you can ask my advice 24/7 via email or my premium app.


How many sessions should I have a week?


Usually 1-3 in-person sessions a week but this completely depends on your goals and current fitness level. All of which will be discussed in your FREE initial consultation which usually takes place over the phone or can be in person if time and location allows. 


If you wish further programming during the week I offer my online training package with my own premium app and 24/7 email contact. So, if you are a die-hard fitness nut, like myself, you can be programmed anywhere from 1 to 7 days a week! You can also have more in-depth nutrition coaching to really set you up for success in reaching your goals.




What time do you have available?


My 1:1 sessions are available from 8am to 6:30pm (last session starting at 5:30pm) Monday to Friday. I aim to be as flexible as possible and I will offer exceptions if you are struggling to get your sessions in at your usual times, any illness or holidays etc. I must have 24 hours advanced notice of any changes or cancellations.

What if I can't commit to a certain number of sessions per week or per month?

I offer packages of 10 or 20 sessions which can be booked in when you and I are available without committing to a set number per week or per month. Limits apply for each package. If you prefer a set time and day per week that is of course possible and agreed upon before the sessions are started (of course life can get in the way for both trainer and client so exceptions must be expected!)

24 hours advanced notice is required for any re-scheduling or cancellations of individual sessions. 30 days notice is required for any freezing or cancelling of months' subscriptions (in line with nutrition coaching or online coaching).


What benefits are there from online training? 

Firstly, it doesn't matter where you or I am. You can have your own personal trainer right in your pocket either via email or in-app messaging on my premium app. It greatly increases accountability and motivation and I can program you more sessions to do throughout your week if you see me 1:1 or, if you don't live in Paris, I can train you wherever you are. Plus it enables you to train on your holidays (if you're as "crazy" as me) or if work requires you to travel around a lot.

How does it work?

You receive a free phone consultation (Skype/Facetime or mobile) for me to get to know you and to help you set the goals you wish to achieve. From there I design a unique program best suited to you and your goals. Via my premium app you receive your workout program with accompanying videos explaining and demonstrating each exercise with the required number of reps and sets for weights, or time/distance/intervals for cardio or circuits. You are able to record your weights and, if you wish, write how each session went so you can clearly see your progression through each workout. It's really easy and fun to use!

How many sessions will you program each week?

This really depends on your goals and if you have any timescales on when you wish to achieve your goals (holidays, weddings, events, parties etc). It can be anywhere from 1 session a week to 7+ if that is what is required (triathletes especially!). It is completely tailored to you and you alone. I ensure the program is balanced including some mobility sessions where needed to keep your joints and bodies healthy and happy. I am very flexible and will always change a program where needed to best fit around your life.


What do I offer and how can I help you?


Nutrition coaching is for anyone who is looking to learn more about what works for them, getting the confidence to make the right nutrition choices for their goals and to do away with all those fad diets plaguing the press and social media. Be it for weight loss, muscle gain, sporting performance and sport-related nutrition or just to learn a bit more about food and great recipes.


How does it work?


It is primarily online (email or messaging) and over the phone. Depending on the coaching you need (ie if you need more initially) then I will either call you weekly or monthly. It is very individual so if you wish to know more just give me an email on and we can arrange your free phone consultation to discuss options.


Do you do meal plans?


It depends. I try to discourage this as I endeavour to give you the confidence to make your own choices and not to follow a plan. However, if it helps get you started we can look into certain "meal plan” options. There is no right or wrong way for an individual. It is whatever works best for you.


Do I have to track my calories or macros?


Again, it depends. Some people love it and it can work really well. It can give you a great baseline and awareness of how many or how little calories can be in certain foods or meals that you eat regularly (it isn’t gospel though!). It can just be for the short term and then you can do away with it when you feel more confident. However, if you don’t want to or if it sounds dreadfully tiresome then do not worry at all! Counting calories can become addictive also and promote a disordered relationship with food and start to take over your life. I will never force any of my clients to do something they don’t want to. It’s your journey and your goals.


Do I have to diet and give up my favourite foods?


Absolutely not! A diet after all is what we all have. A diet just means what food and drink we put in our mouths. It is not something to fear. Regardless, the answer is still no. I am very open-minded and willing to explore any avenues you feel may work for you and your goals, as long as they are safe and something we both agree on. I endeavour to ensure you enjoy and love what you eat and it is a diet that enables you to have all your favourite foods. My approach is very much more inclusive than exclusive. I often find myself telling my clients to eat MORE of something, not less!