If you are short on time, circuits at a high intensity can be very effective to get you moving and releasing those endorphins. This particular circuit can be done without a gym and for all levels with some modifications.

5 exercises done back-to-back and as many rounds as you have the time and the fitness for. As soon as your form is compromised you stop.

Take 1-2 minutes between circuits to rest and drink some water.

1. Squat Overhead Press - 6-10 reps:

Ensure your core is braced at all times throughout the exercise. When pressing overhead, ensure you don't arch your lower back and flare your ribs. Keep your ribs down and core tight as if someone is about to slap you hard in the belly. Squeeze your glutes and keep your spine straight in the squat. Do with or without weight.

2. Plank punches - 5 reps each side:

This can be done without weight. Make sure you are one straight line from your head to your toes (keep that bum down!). Push away from the floor with your hands and don't sag into your shoulders. Aim your punch to be level with your forehead and straight out in front and with power! Keep your feet wide to ensure stability and minimal rocking of the hips.

3. Lateral hops - 10 reps each side:

Great for runners and for power in those calves. Start small then try to hop wider for maximum power. Keep your knees soft and try to be quiet on your feet!

4. Full Burpees with Tuck Jumps - 5 reps:

The toughest exercise of the lot. To modify do a burpee with no push up and a normal jump or no jump at all.

5. Kettlebell swings: 10-20 reps:

The more reps you do the more oxygen you will need so breathe well and steadily throughout. Breathe out as you swing forward and in as you swing back. Really focus on the power coming from your glutes and squeeze them through to standing. This is a HINGE and hip dominant movement, not a squat and knee dominant movement. Keep your arms relaxed and allow the weight of the bell to swing your arms forwards.

Complete 1-4 rounds depending on the time you have available and your level.

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