One of the biggest obstacles as a personal trainer that I face is the infamous Fad Diet. Social media, the press and the whole health and fitness industry are saturated by them. Outrageous claims exist such as “lose a stone in 2 weeks” or “beach body ready in 30 days” (or less!) or “carbs are the enemy” and the list goes on. True, many people may lose the weight and have a horrible time doing it. It can deliver. However, usually it’s just for that - those 30 days or 2 weeks. What happens after? Do most people keep the weight off? Are these diets sustainable? Are they enjoyable or are they even healthy? For the majority, all those answers are certainly no.

Most fad diets are clever marketing strategies and money-making schemes. After doing the diet and going back to a “normal” way of eating, most people regain all the weight that was lost and often more. What comes off fast tends to go back on fast.

We live in an impatient society that wants fast results with something that promises to be quick and easy. The reality is, sustainable and lifelong changes don’t happen overnight. Realistic fat loss and muscle gain goals need to be set. This is by no means to say it is not achievable. Everything is possible, just the impossible can take a little bit longer.

Change requires commitment, consistency and support. Change also needs to be manageable. I adopt an inclusive not an exclusive strategy when it comes to nutrition. If you restrict yourself, more often than not it backfires and then all that happens is you end up feeling guilty and rubbish and fall off the proverbial “waggon”. I am a firm believer in life is for living. You shouldn’t feel guilty about drinking or eating anything. I ensure my clients include everything they enjoy and that no food is off limits. I often find myself telling my clients to eat more of something not less.

Advice on nutrition and diets is very confusing and conflicting. One of my main endeavours as a personal trainer is to help educate my clients and help them to find what works best for them and their own needs. We are highly individual beings and what works for one person will not necessarily work for everyone.

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