Faye is a professional and versatile personal trainer and nutritionist. In the space of a year I have lost 20kg, increased my strength and fitness and have just completed my first triathlon.


Faye has shown a genuine interest and enthusiasm in helping me achieve my goals, developing programmes to fit in with my life and personal events and is always on hand to quickly reply to any questions or provide great motivation.


There is nothing generic about Faye’s service, it is totally bespoke and tailored and nothing is ever too much trouble for her. It’s the perfect 1-1 online training service."

Craig, 49. 1:1 and Online client

I was incredibly unmotivated to improve my fitness prior to working with Faye, but Faye has truly changed that. Her constant enthusiasm and obvious expertise when it comes to my training has enabled me to enjoy going to the gym. She has the perfect balance of patience and being stern, perceptive to when I definitely needed an extra push from her yet understanding when I was tired from my studies to provide a less stringent session.


I have seen vast improvements and progress, from not knowing how to handle a barbell to being comfortable training alone.


I am truly thankful for everything Faye has done for me. Not only for improving my confidence at the gym but also in myself."

Stef, 23. 1:1 client

I worked with Faye for over a year, before, during and after Covid lockdown.  Faye spent time and effort to understand what my goals were, she constructed a programme for me that was never boring and she was always able to fit the sessions around my work commitments.  She incrementally increased my strength and flexibility over the months, and adjusted the exercises in real time during workouts to take account of any aches and pains, and to work to improve weaker areas.


Faye is boundlessly enthusiastic and encouraging, inspiring her clients to new efforts and making it fun.  We worked at home, in the gym and outside in the park.  Faye uses a fitness app that is full of exercise ideas and video explanations, during lockdown I was able to continue doing workouts with the app.  I would recommend Faye wholeheartedly. 

Lucy, 56 1:1 client

Making the decision to train with Faye is one of the best I’ve made. 


I’d been playing competitive sport most of my life but never really ventured into the world of weight training. After agreeing some clear goals in the build-up to my honeymoon, Faye got me started on a programme that was tailored to my needs and regularly changed to keep interesting, whilst still making sure we had several indicator exercises to keep track of progress.


Over six months I gained the confidence and technique to allow me to keep training on my own, safely and effectively. I also managed to lose 6.3kg of fat whilst putting on 2.6kg of muscle which was way beyond what I could’ve expected in that timeframe.


Faye’s background as a vet has given her a deep knowledge of biology and anatomy and she was able to explain what we were doing and why with incredible clarity. She’s also just a really lovely, bubbly person who is fun to be around; the importance of which can’t be overstated when someone is putting you through a hard workout!"

Bradd, 30. 1:1 client

I was looking for a personal trainer based in Paris who was English speaking.  I had some other specific requests and was pointed to work with Faye back in the fall of 2019.  I was hesitant to start on a new exercise journey, but she listened to my requests and not only built great exercise routines over the span of a few months, but a really well balanced relationship between a coach and trainer as well!  


I have begun to see a huge difference in my progress from the time I started to now, and I look forward to continuing with Faye as long as I am able to stay in Paris!

Madeline, 29. 1:1 & Online client

Faye really took the time to understand my level of fitness and experience with training and was able to apply a tailored program, carefully thought out from week to week that really suited my needs.


One thing I really struggle with is repetition and monotony in a program. The variety that Faye adopts, whether it be outside in the park or inside in the gym, always kept me motivated. 

Josh, 39. 1:1 client

My husband and I wanted to start working out again after a long break, but we faced a lot of inertia. We were traveling a lot, and were not very good at sticking to a routine. Faye helped us overcome these obstacles by tailoring a programme to our needs, and giving us the tools and confidence to pursue our goals both within and outside of our PT sessions.


She took the time to understand our individual strengths and weaknesses as well as our combined goals and crafted complimentary sessions for us. She also designed flexible circuits and gym sessions that we could keep up during our travels!


We ended up working with Faye for a year, and the progress we made was unbelievable. We each achieved things that seemed completely out of reach when we started! Faye’s humour, friendliness, and encouragement made every session energizing and a lot of fun!" 

Sarrah and Adnan, 30. 1:1 clients

I've always been intimidated by gyms and fitness in general. I told Faye I wanted a no-pressure introduction to working out, and that's exactly what she provided. 

She met me exactly where I was - starting with simple goals, but always pushing me just enough. 

Working out with Faye changed how I feel about fitness and what my body can do. She's also just a pleasure to hang out with during a session! 


Kelsey, 33. 1:1 and Online client