What your 1 : 1 session involves

  • I primarily train my clients outside in a nearby park or safe open area whatever the weather (there will always be sheltered options, I do my best to accommodate)

  • The exercises involved will be bodyweight with or without the use of some resistance such as resistance bands or light weights. I also have suspension cables (also known as TRX) which are highly versatile and can be used to make exercises easier or more challenging depending on your ability and goals. If you have your own equipment that you wish to use or learn to use then you are more than welcome to bring it along

  • We can discuss basic nutrition advice during our sessions if you have any questions about good meals or snack options. If you wish to have more in depth nutrition advice, I offer online nutrition coaching packages which would be at a discounted rate for my 1:1 clients

  • Finally, my sole purpose is to design workouts that are individually tailored to you and that you walk away from our session feeling better than you did at the start. I will never push you beyond your limits but equally I will ensure an effective and challenging workout that you enjoy. It will be progressive to ensure you are always improving, feeling stronger and more confident